Best fuel stabilizer?

Fuel Stabilizer = Snake Oil


But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

Fuel Stabilizer = Snake Oil


But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

That is incorrect.



Fuel stabilizer will prevent the deterioration of most E10 fuels for as long as 12 months though I rec. not storing it longer than 6 months.

Popular stabilzers are:




The product the OP mentions looks more like a 'does all'. My experience with products like that is while it does 'does all', it also does not do any one particularly well


I suggest to people to not store fuel longer than they have to. Not to mix more 2S fuel then they will use in a weekend (you can always mix more....) and if fuel is getting old, dump it in the car and buy fresh.

I have been using Stabil for years, it is NOT snake oil.  We used to use it in the sleds and bikes when I lived up north, you just need to make sure you drain the carb.  And the Stabil ethanol treatment works as well, it prevents that nasty buildup that ethanol causes.  STP oil treatment may be snake oil, but Stabil isn't.

Startron enzyme treatment! however, I don't leave anything in storage long enough to know how well this works.

I've got an 1982 street bike with the 2nd steel tank with some minor rust inside. Unless these older bikes are meticulous taken care of there will be some rust in the tank.


Anyway, I store it for about 5 months. To prevent more rust, I  believe it's better to fill the tank with gas and add a good stabilizer and run until it gets into the carbs, than leaving it empty.


Just out in on the road last week Gave the bike a good shake then started up right away and runs great.


Even with a good extra fuel filter, at some point over the summer, I'll run the tank almost dry, drain, clean internal filter, replace external filter and clean the carbs.


For my dirt bike, it rarely sits for more than week without running. I use only non-ethanol gas and I keep about 2 weeks worth in my gas can.


Not to get into the ethanol topic but just found this link searching FUEL STABILIZER





Someone gave me my street bike and it had sat for 10 years with gas. The original tank was rusted and actually leaking a bit though the carbs were not as bad as the pics in the link but almost.

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The pictures in your link, I have never, ever seen any carbs that neglected. That comes from being left for years, petcock on. If the petcock is closed and fuel evaporates, there simply are not enough solids to build up more than a millimeter in the bowl. Of course, all the jets will have a layer and be shot and it is still a mess but, those carbs are like showing a raging alcoholic to a kid who sipped a beer.


You are dead on about keeping the tanks full of fuel. If not and the bike is going to sit, 'Fog' the tanks with fogging oil.

Do you happen to look at the link? Couple of other pics and a nice short article about ethanol gas.

Klotz octane booster ($50 a gal) claims to help stabilize fuel.


Most the time I get non-ethonyl fuel and dope it with Klotz. 


I am going to try a storage tank. I bought a big fuel tank and plumbed it up and put it in the bed of one of my trucks.  Between the motorcycles and tractors and other small engines around here, I should be able to run for about a year.


While fuel is lower price, I plan on investing.

I use a stuff called liquid performance ethenal equalizer. It does seem to work and be the only snake oil to ever work.

Star-tron works well and was originally intended  for the Marine industry. Great for this ethanol crap fuel.Works for me but now where I am living in Baja Sta-bil is good choice 'cause Mexicans can't afford to put corn(ethanol) in their gas but there is more of a "detergent" issue here. I am saving  my Star-tron for US applications.

I have been using stabil for years with good results. I can also leave a 2 stroke for a year or so and it will start right up.on all my 4 cycle engines I try to run the engines every other week in addition to a stabilizer. the pics above looks like phase seperation of the fuel caused by the ethonal absorbing water until it completely seperates.this is a huge problem in marine aplacations because you and no longer remove the water with filter seperators and must drain and flush the entire fuel system.

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i only use k100 it works great

I always use stabil. It go in all my cans before I head to the station. Works with mixed, regular, and premium. Never have issues with my carbs or jets on anything. All our gas has the damned ethanol. So to prevent water issues I also drop a dab of water remover and a dab of carb cleaner in the cans as well. Not snake oil.

Fuel Stabilizer = Snake Oil


But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

Isn't there a bridge that you should be under? Probably can't find one, since your trolling sucks....


I used spectro. Stabilizer in my snow blower last year and it started right up after sitting a year. But then again it started right up after sitting a year last year with no stabilizer in it

I use stabil marine, the blue stuff, I like the properties of it, even though I can get ethanol free fuel, I store quite a bit of it and rotate as I go, the problem for me is, my usage of the fuel is inconsistent, I either use it or it sits.

I prefer Seafoam over Stabil due to my own personal experience with Stabil letting me down.  I had read somewhere that Seafoam mixes with the gasoline and stabilizes it on the molecular level but Stabil lays on top of the gasoline and forms a barrier against air but that could be false as not everything written on the internet is true.

Why are you letting fuel sit for that long anyways? :huh:


Buy good fuel and ride your toys.

If it sits for a while, run it through the truck and top off the jug with fresh stuff.

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