1998 CR125 carb help

I just got a 98 cr125 with a blown top end.  I sent my cylinder off to Forward Motion and got a 144 kit back.  The motor is back together and fires right up first kick.  Here's where it gets weird to me.  The carb is the stock keihin pj and was fully cleaned by me, all jets removed, cleaned, air passages blown out.  The only iffy looking part was the o ring on the air screw, i replaced it.  So, the bike fires right up and the idle is screaming fast with the choke pulled up.  I push the choke down and the revs climb higher so i hit the kill switch.  I turn the idle adjuster all the way clockwise, if you are looking at it from the top.  That brings the idle down but not to an acceptable level and it still wants the choke pulled or the revs scream.  Weird.  I sprayed the intake boots and reed block area with carb cleaner to see if there was any fluctuation in idle, nothing.  What am i missing?  If something clogged the pilot jet would it start so easily?  Im running fresh pump gas, 93 octane with castor 927.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Is there slack in your throttle cable and did you do anything to the jetting?  It's interesting to me because I have sort of the opposite problem on my 97 with an EG144.  I have to turn the idle out counter clockwise quite a ways just to get it to idle and not die.  I know the carb is probably different on the 98 but I had to go down about 4 jet sizes to account for the EG, FMF, and Boyesen rad valve.



edited to add - if it is running lean due to an air leak, it could also be coming from the left crank seal.

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