Pinemont open and all good? (Early may check)


Hey everyone,

Just did some carb work on my KTM (a bike that is a perpetual headache to me, heh). I'm looking to take it out for a test ride tomorrow (Saturday) and I remember really enjoying pinemont's single track loop. Is it open this time of year? All good? Anything I aught to know from two years ago?

If anybody wants to join up, I'll be going with a newer riding buddy on my loaner bike (WR250F). He's more than competent enough for Pinemont last I rode there, but we'll be waiting here or there for him. I'm a bit rusty myself as well, and I'm troubleshooting the jetting on my bike (Just leveld float, and installed JD jet kit).

Conditions PERFECT! ! Acoording to the forest service guy I just talk to......all trails open.

I've never been but was already planning on going tomorrow to ride somewhere new.

I was thinking of leaving east Vancouver at 7-8am......what's your plan and where ya parking at?

There's only one staging area there, leaving meow!

I was here.....


I was there as well! Saw a few bikes, but no KLX's!

The trails were the same as usual. I noticed a lot more other trails have been cut in venturing off the main trail, but are not on the map. Would love to go there with a tour guide again soon. The main loop is beat to heck, but far from unrideable. Made for a good warmup for the hard loop the following day with the trailsmen poker run. That was the first actually hard hard loop they've setup!


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