Gearing/cornering technique

I have a stock 2013 Kx450f and I'm getting back into mx. I have a couple days on it at 2 tracks and I often feel that I'm wanting to be right in between 2nd and 3rd gear. It pulls strong out of the corners in 2nd but is winding out over some of the bigger jumps. 3rd feels better over the bigger jumps but it really lugs out of the corner in 3rd. I know I will get faster through the corners and better at shifting but some situations make it hard for me to shift out of the corner (afraid i could miss a shift shortly before takeoff) so being able to be in one gear thru the corner and still have more headroom over the jumps would be ideal. Would going from 13/50 to 13/51 help? Or should I just stay in 3rd and clutch it more with higher rpms through the corners? Either way I need to get more comfortable shifting but it's not easy when I have little time between the corner and bigger jump. Thanks!

I don't ride MX, but I do know that just 1 tooth in the rear probably isn't going to be noticeable unless you are a superpro.  4-5 teeth in the rear is generally equivalent to one in the front.

I'd say pull the corner in 3rd using the clutch because hitting jumps high in the rpm's is a good way to panic rev.

I have not seen 5, usually 4 or three on some road bikes.

Try entering the corner in third and slipping the clutch while holding the revs up, you may be suprised by the speed burst. Try not to slip the clutch up the jump or over it.

When caught between gears cornering I prefer the taller gear combined with clutch work. I feel like I have better control over power delivery to the rear wheel. In too low a gear I'm afraid an aggressive pull of the throttle will spin me out. 

Going up one tooth on the rear sprocket will definitely make a difference.

I would say go into the corner in 3rd and use the clutch. if you change gearing on your bike it's will have more bottom end punch but it will tire you out faster. I use to think i needed more power, i raced a 450 that was geared down 2 teeth in the rear..... now i ride a 125 and i clutch the crap out of the poor thing and im way faster on the 125.

Use less brake going into the corner. With your higher speed your gearing will be fine.

I run 2 teeth more on the rear on my crf450, and use 3rd alot more, even on the start. I do have a rekluse though, so it self slips from low rpms so far. I love it for moto use.

13/52 is what I ran on my kx450's

It lets you use 345 more

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