WP Rear Shock Issue KTM XC-F 350

Hi There,


I have a KTM 350 XC-F 2011 and noticed something really strange with the rear suspension. I removed the rear shock and what is shown on image003 attached... Went ahead and ordered the replacement part and have now rebuilt the rear shock. However after installing it once again on the bike it feels odd, there seems to be a slight lateral movement front & back when I push down on the bike...  Has anyone ever experienced such problem? I don't want to use the bike cause I will ruin the rear shock for sure... Any ideas on what might be wrong? Could it be the link? The chassis? 


Any ideas welcomed.... I have posted three videos on You Tube (suggest you watch in slow motion) to see if you catch anything odd... 











Its quite hard to judge that problem 100% via the internet.


However, you really should get the job done by a suspension technician...

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