2005 TTR 125 Bogs Down

Bikes in good condition, new oil, plugs, etc.  Runs runs well until you get up into higher speeds and starts to bog down.  Coming off throttle brings it back but not sure where to start to troubleshoot this.


Should I start by throwing one of those expensive bottles of carb cleaner in the gas tank or something else?



If at full throttle for a few seconds and then backing off the throttle improves output. (I call it the 7/8 throttle test) You are too lean on the main jet. Go up in MJ size until this goes away. I usually go +1 size after finding where it clears.



do not put any carb cleaner in your plastic tank

if you don't have jets try cleaning your carb and jets

you can move the needle around if your inclined to

If I do get a new MJ what size should I get since I don't know what's in there?  Just assume the stock #110 and get a 112.5 or 115?


Looks like the airbox mod is easy so I'll prob do that as well.


BTW while I have the carb open, should I be replacing anything else or checking around for things?  I see full carb rebuild kits but I don't won't to monkey with something if I don't have to.



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