Please Help With Carb Tuning

Story: Just did a 3x3 mod, Dynojet jet kit, and installed Yoshimura RS2 system. Started up fine with half choke (as it always has when cold starting), behaved like normal while warming up, made it halfway around the block and it stalled when I coasted with clutch in, after a short burst of 3/4ish throttle. Hit the started switch while still rolling, got a little more power out of it, then stalled again when coasting.  Wouldnt start this time while rolling, so I stopped, pulled the choke, started up (figured at this point must be lean at idle), closed the choke, got rolling again, stall again, coast the rest of the way to the garage.


Facts: I installed the Dynojet needle, on second clip from top, with thick stock washer and nylon washer below the clip on the needle, and a thin stock washer on top of the needle. 155 main jet, 25 pilot jet, mixture screw 2.5 turns out, RS2 still has the spark arrestor installed. 


Once back in the garage, engine still warm, turned fuel mix screw out to 3 turns (figuring it was lean after only starting on half choke), but wont start. Will only start with full choke. Then proceed to try multiple different mix settings from 2.5 to 4, wont start, only full choke will start it, but will not idle. also tried adjusting idle higher, didnt help. 


What do you suggest I try next?

time to pull the carb again and find whats wrong .. actually first i would drain the float bowl a couple of times and make sure the lines are all hooked up, especially the one on the tank pc, and make sure the float didnt hang and flood the crankcase with fuel, that will cause a similar symptom to .. but yeah, a problem like that will be beyond needle clip positions and mixture screw setting .. it will be intake leaks or trash or something not right in the assembly of the carb, internal leaks ect ..

I cant believe I'm even going to tell you guys this, but....

When i removed the fuel take, i drained it completely as I could. When i reinstalled the tank I only put about 2L of fuel in, you know incase it wouldn't run and I had to remove the tank again.

So I guess half way around the block was enough to hit the reserve.

After priming the auto fuel valve the first time I didn't think to try that again until i came in for dinner, then it hit me. I believe the first times it stalled it was from a bad mix setting, but that was also about the time the reserve kicked in. Still doesn't explain to me why it would start with the choke.

Vacuum line connected..?

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