Needle Comparison Question: NOZH vs. N85D?

Old (2000) KTM 200 - Runs great, except a surging stumble when I come out of the woods and get on it.  That was with NOZH needle, clip on top (lean) groove.  Moving clip down made it worse.  Figured I need a NOZI or NOZJ, but didn't have one.  Of all my spares, an N85D looked close and a little fatter.  Runs great with clip on top (lean) groove.  Dropping 2 grooves makes it just like before.  So, I am running it at second groove down now and feels good.


SO - Can anyone tell me how these two needles are supposed to compare?  Is one supposed to have more top end or better sound or what?  Or just different brands?

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