48mm fork help

I decided to update to 48mm showa's since I went with 2013+ triples (mainly because I used shims on my old 47mm and saw some movement of the shim (not the forks) which I don't think I feel comfortable with).  I got a good deal on a pair off a 2010 CRF250r.  They are already revalved by PDR.

Anyways it is NOT a direct bolt on for my 2003 CR250.  The brake caliper doesn't line up so I have to get a CRF brake caliper and it looks like the wheel spacers are no where near close.

Anybody have any advice on the wheel spacers?  Do CRF250s use 2 spacers (one on each side)?  Do I need to buy a whole new bearing/spacer kit?  Even the dust cap part number isn't the same for the CR250 as the CRF250.  I thought the wheels were the same?  I don't see 2 spacers on the parts finch but I can't see if the dust cap has a built in spacer.  Also, I looked on 2 sites and nobody list a part number for 23 (the spacer).

Uhhhhgggg....I should've did more research before taking it apart.  LOL.  No riding this weekend  :thumbsdn:

You may need to get the whole front setup...lame.

After further observation in daylight I think its the axle and spacer.  I ordered both.  I'll post my results 

Man I feel like an idiot....a lot of the "space" i was seeing on the right side was actually where the axle rides up against the spacer cap.  I had so much fresh grease on the axle it just looked liked extra space.  :facepalm:

After spending $150 on a new axle and used caliper and wheel bearing/spacer kit the only thing I really needed was the spacers and the caliper bracket (and spacer wise I was probably okay with original stuff but I put the CRF stuff on anyway).

I ordered a crf front caliper on ebay and it was basically a POS compared to the one that came off my 03.  So I just swapped out the mounting bracket because the actual caliper was exactly the same.  Now I'm gonna try to get some money back I guess.

Everything else seems peachy and now I have extra parts and wheel bearings.

well, on the bright side...you have extra parts and wheel bearings.

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