Hey guys.... been gone a long time and its time to dust off the ol' two stroke. I am 26...havent raced in about 5 years. Before I hung up my boots I was a top 5 am rider. I ride here and there when I can on friends tracks or at open practices. But here is my problem... I have gained quite a bit of weight since I rode competitively. I am 6'2" and weight around 220lbs which is fairly big for a motocross racer. I definitely need to get my suspension redone. But I feel as though the motor is letting me down. I can just feel the difference my weight has made on how it pulls me around. A 450 would be ideal but I dont have the cash to buy one and I would never sell my two stroke anyways. What are some of the best mods I can do to get more power out of it other than a big bore kit? I was thinking of sending the head and cylinder to Eric Gorr or procircuit for a port/polish job and some head work. I also vaguely remember reading on here that using a yz250 piston is good for 1hp. The bike is an 06 RM250 and already has a procircuit works pipe and factory sound silencer and boyesen reeds. Other than that it is stock. 

+1 (909) 227-6156

Call Varner.

He is extremely knowledgeable about RMs. He can make it breathtakingly fast.

Does he have a website?

Yes he does. http://www.varnermotorsports.com

But If you call him he's seriously good to talk to, and really informative.

Also I don't think it mentions the 8 GNCC championships won on his RM motors on the website.

Hes the real deal, races REM weekly, and will be the one doing the work.

I recently had him bring a 04 back to life. Ported, bored the carb, matched the intake boot to the v force reed cage and its nice. For a really fair price. Plus he answered every question I had. From octane ratings for fuel, piston choice, to If he thought those I-Kat spark thingys were worth using.

Honestly, unless your going to get serious about racing again then just do the suspension and ride it "as is" until you can fully decide where you want to improve.  Then after a few races you will be able to decide where you need more power and if you do where the gains need to be.  Ultimately you need to be able to answer this one question "...if I could get more power, where and how do I need it"?  As you know, going to a builder and asking for more power isn't saying much.  You need to be able to tell him where it's bad (not enough ... low or mid or top end ... ??, and where you want more (more ... low, mid or top end ...?) see what I mean?


Considering that the '06 RM250 is a very "quick" rev'ing hard hitting engine design, you might be able to improve with just a 9 ounce flywheel weight.

I have been riding... just not as much as I use to. I know I want the engine to make the most power at the mid-top range. I ride fairly hard and am always riding at a higher RPM range. I dont really have any complaints about where the power delivery is stock but I do know I would like/need more power.

Adjust the powervalve. There is a knob held by 2 small screws on the left side of the cylinder. You can alter when it get on the pipe. Comedic makes a thinner base gasket. It bumps up compression and gives good bottom to mid gains. Then,you can mess with ignition timing. With altered compression and timing-you will need higher octane fuel. I have done those mods and have a 36mm lectron carb. It really improved throttle response and added much more bottom to mid. They have 38mm carbs too and there is the smartcarb. Good clutch plates and spring make a huge difference with this bike. I'm about your size and race harescrambles. I wanted more bottom end and better transition. If you bump up compression,head mod,powervalve and timing-dont think you will want anymore. I have an 05. 06 was made smoother by cdi and shorter reed boot. Think port timing was altered slightly too. Careful what you ask for-adding more mid/top makes these bikes hit hard,spin and lose traction. I would consider the RM a strong bike mid/top already.

Thanks for the advice... maybe I will mess around with the exhaust valv e and see what happens. I definitely need a new clutch. Last time I looked at it the steels were blue lol. It is the original clutch too. I was thinking about going with the EBC kit. I had horrible luck with barnnet clutches. I may just do a clutch and run it. Im in the process of trying to buy a house so money is tight.

Sometimes a simple head mod can add power....cheap, effective.

You might also check out a RadValve and a PowerWing.

Power in a budget!!


As you probably know....momentum is the key.

def do the susp...cant speak good enough of rg3 new jersey..paul is awesome to deal with...I just put some money in mine to make it more comfortable, im 6'1"...renthal cr high bars, drc yz250 low pegs(they fit), sdg tall seat.....

engine wise........eric gorr 300 kit! for the price I just cant see it being beat....it makes it super smooth, very powerful......I run a 9 oz fww with it....some carbon fiber reeds and done.........

Hey 800screws, which porting did you get with the EG300 kit? Also, what pipe/silencer are you running?

it went with the mo power porting.........fmf fatty and powercore silencer.....with the 9oz fww, it still revs pretty fast but is super smooth and pulls and pulls....I think this is the best engine I ever rode....2 stroke anyways...

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