2013 rmz250 front break has no feel

The front break is all or nothing. Ive bled em several times with no better results. There is no happy medium where i want some breaking but get full instead. The lever is almost all the way in before the break engages. When it does its full potential breaking. Not fun to ride low traction areas witb this.

So far ive changed fluid, bled breaks, and now added oversized rotor. Pads are still good due to lack of riding from injury.

Maybe a stupid question, but do you have the lever adjusted out?

Its adjusted yes. U can see it pushing. The breaks used to be fine when i first bought it. So I'm baffled

Are the pads glazed?

My front brake is touchy as well, haven't addressed it yet.

I just completely re-built my front braking system from the master cylinder to the caliper due to having squishy brakes. Below is a list of all the parts I purchased for the rebuild (all parts were bought from either RockyMtnATV or Motosport): 


- Front master cylinder re-build kit = $16


- Galfer stainless brake line, banjo bolts, & washers = $60ish


- OEM pistons & seals for the front caliper = $33


- OEM brake pads = $35ish 


- Goodridge Speed Bleeders = $17


After you install all of the new parts you will need to bleed the system a few times to get all of the air out of the system. The speed bleeders make this job very simple. 


My braking is on point now. I barely have to squeeze the lever before there is sufficient stopping power. 

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