2015 ktm 500 exc.. is 14/48 with stock chain possible? because its not working for me

I for the life of me cant have one project on my bike go smoothly. Picked up 14 front and 48 rear today for my bike and was recommended by my dealer to buy a chain just in case the stock was too short because he said that set up was pushing it. The chain he gave me is 520/ 120 link chain. My stock chain just barely fit but the chain is completely tight... too tight, absolutely no play in the chain. The chain the parts guy at the dealer gave me is wayyyy too long. I would have to remove like 4 links and thats with the wheel set all the way back. What do you guys recommend or what did you run with a 14/48 setup? 

can you flip the axle blocks around? ---------- using the stock chain

I have a 14 with 14/48. Flip the blocks and stock should have you in the center

As suggested you need to flip the axle blocks for 14/48 to work with the stock chain, it does cause the tire to rub a bit on the mud flap - it did on both my 2012 and 15.

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