red hot header pipe?

This might be silly, but I've only owned 2 strokes and this is my first 4 stroke.  After washing my bike today I started it to help dry it out and it was starting to get dark outside and I noticed my header turned red hot.  Is this normal?  I never noticed the pipe turn red like that before.




Yep, fairly normal. The bike might be running a tad lean. 

Yes they get quite hot idling especially with no fan running.

ok.  I did have the choke on too and let it idle for about 5 minutes

That's a long time to idle a bike dude

Touch it and tell us how hot it is :lol:

Is it possible the power washer soaked the air filter and restricted some air so it ran a little lean and hotter then normal?

It's normal and covered in the FAQs.  Good info in that section and worth the 2 minutes it takes to read.  That's about the longest I'd idle your bike as well.

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