Bike opinions

Ok guys I have been reading a lot about bikes lately and it's killing me to not have one. I haven't ridden in years. The last bike I had was a xr200 and I would love to have a decent bike. I am now in my early thirties and want something to go out on the weekends and have some fun. One issue I have is that I am 5'7" and the 250 plus bikes feel tall.

The bikes I have been reading about are xr250, wr250f, ktm 200 2 stroke and 250 4 stroke. Since its been a while I would love to have a bike that is very reliable and for the most part easy on up keep. Most of my riding would be in the woods, but I would love to take a few laps here and there on a track.

I would appreciate any opinions.


Not great track bikes however the little CRF230 and the XR250 is not to tall and great fun for the woods.

Thanks guys for the replies. I will look at the article.

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