What are some of the must have mods and farkles for 650R?

I just got a mint condition 02 xr650R.(zero rub off wear on the clutch/stator covers) Just to show just how mint.  It came pre uncorked. and plated with the baja design kit. All for the reasonable price of $3000. (in prime riding season!!). After a carb clean and fresh oil. She fires and runs great.I'll be changing out the coolant and fork oil next. A couple questions.

can I drain and fill the fork oil without any special tools? and what are some the essentail mods and farkles to have when dual sporting an xr 650r? seat, handgards, skidplate ect...

I will post a photo soon.

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Here she is all cleaned up


nice bike man!


i just added a 40mm FCR carb from a crf250r the difference it made was incredible


you can get them on ebay for cheap. you will need an intake bell adapter from NOSS machine in oklahoma, they are 75 bucks.


the difference in before and after makes me feel like this is a mandatory upgrade.


I cant believe how much better the bike runs. 


as an added benefit the gas milage increased significantly!



Since you have the stock tank on there id also suggest a larger one from IMS or clarke. i have a 3 gal and its just barely enough for the riding i do. Id love to have a 4 gal.



enjoy the bike, they are awesome!

thanks. did you uncork your bike before you added the 40mm carb? I just ask since it would make a difference in the comparison.Ex. stock vs 40mm carb or uncorked vs 40mm carb.  

I'm thinking the seat will be the first thing I upgrade. I had a dr650 with a sargent seat. It all the difference in the world.  

the bike was completely uncorked by the previous owner. 


the difference is very noticeable

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