Should I go to a 250 2 stroke or a 125 2 stroke

I'm just about to sell my 2011 yz 250f and I'm thinking about going back to a 2 stroke. I am 15 about to turn 16 I don't race but I go to the tracks I do hard trail and I go alright on them I am around 166 cm tall I love the power of my 250 and before my 250 I had a 85. I was going to get a newer 4 stroke 250 but I really thinking about getting a 2 stroke for the cheapness. I hve been looking at a 2013 Ktm 250sx would do u guys think

A 2t 250 isn't the monster people make them out to be and a 2t in the long run really isn't any cheaper or more expensive to own or maintain. All that said, a yz250 of any year is better than anything else.

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