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new to me 525 ?s

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perhaps these have been covered so often you are all sick of them...you could point me to other threads that would be helpful.


I love my 2003 525 mxc


my plan is to have a woods wheel and a dune wheel.


for the dune wheel run stock sprocket...nice long gears!

for the woods 13tooth front and big back sprocket.  do you think i could go all the way to a 54 (a buddy has 1 i can get for nothing.  will the Stock chain be long enough?


this bike crazy fast!  i would like to trade high end kick for low end toque.  what are some cheep/easy ways to do this?


the clutch feels like an on off switch.  not much room to slip it.  any thing i can do?


thanx in advance



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I ran a 13/53 on my '06 450 SX for tight woods riding using the stock length chain with no problems. Make sure you remove the chain adjuster bolts from the swingarm and coat with anti seize. Do it now .  I used a steel rear sprocket and  a good o-ring chain and it was a trouble free combo.


Use a good grade of 10-50 motorcycle oil along with fresh filters, it'll probably help the clutch work smoother. Might as well change the fluid in the hyd clutch while you're at it.



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