04 yz 250 forks

Can anyone help me. I have a 2004 yz 250 2stroke and my front forks is pretty corroded on the upper body and lower tubes are rusty. 

Anyways i was hoping if anyone knows can any 48mm shock bolt straight in or do i have too find 04 shocks

Thanks for the help if possible

2004 was 48mm. Prior to that open chamber forks are 46mm. In 05 they went to a twin chamber 48mm fork that didn't work as well as the 04 open chamber. In 06 they fixed the twin chamber and everyone seems to love those.

If you want 48mm open chamber kyb forks you are kinda stuck with the 2004 year models. I don't know if the 46mm open chamber will bolt right in or not. Haven't tried it... Most people that retrofit put in the 2006+ forks but there are quite a few parts you need to change out to get them to work.

I'm no expert... Just what I have read around this forum.

thnx for the advice n same here i keep hearin bout it on the forums just trying too find exact parts needed . im kinda having a hard time looking for 04 forks, once again appreciate you helping me

Look for 06 up forks triples and axle. Best setup out there

@mlcompound is that all IL need or maybe a few more parts

Thank you very much for the help

Depending on what you find you may have to press out your steering stem and put it into the new clamps, some of the 4 strokes have a shorter stem. Other than that you will for sure need the axle and wheel spacers as the newer clamps have a touch different spacing. If you are still using the old style brake hose routing (under the fork leg) you should look into a Honda setup or newer yz setup. Most of this info is available in the FAQ section of the Yamaha 2 stroke forum. I haven't done the swap myself but have researched it extensively and will be doing it in the future.

All 04 125 up YZ and YZFs forks fit. Also WR forks for several years will fit the 04 set up.

05 will work also.

Yeah I thought the 04 triple clamps would even work with 05+ forks. Thought I had scene where someone just used 06 forks, axle, and spacers on their 04.

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