Fuel Hose Size-Sorry can't find

I want to place a fuel filter in-line since i've had some issues with carb despite cleaning, rejecting, and now cleaning tank. I just want a fuel filter as suggested here to eliminate that chance. PO had left gas in bike for over a year or more. 


Cant find in manual, online, or here exact size of the fuel line. I do not want to go cutting the line to insert filter unless I have some backup line/hose available. I also need to know what size filter to order based on hose diameter.


Sorry for the simple question. I have looked and all I keep finding is carb vent line sizes, of which there seems to be some discrepencies depending on the post but no worries there I'm not buying those. 

All of mine in the corral (Honda bikes XR's and CRF's) use a 5/16" inner diameter fuel line as well as a 5/16" fuel filter (in line).

Call your local dealership.............fuel lines do come in different outer diameters for the thickness of the line (heavy duty/more quality ect.) Make sure you use a good and proper size clamp/retainer.

Careful what kind of filter you put in. because any media that filters finer than the filters already in the petcock may have trouble flowing when the tank gets low on fuel of fuel.

Tusk or Motion Pro fuel line and filters are easy to find at Rocky MTN in sizes for most bikes. The Tusk is high quality and inexpensive, no reason to not have extra. I use the Visufilter with the brass insert. It is a 1/4in filter but fits fine in the slightly larger  Honda line. I ust the smallest zip ties to secure it. Never a leak.

Golan large filter

Thank you as a follow up to all. I have temporarily placed the visu filter bc I went to my shop for fuel line and they had them for $3 so I bought a couple to see if it helps my issues. My intent is to switch to something like gholan as a more durable option once I'm certain how things are going.

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