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2007 450sxf transmission question...

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Hi all.


I have a 07 450sxf that recently had a counter shaft bearing failure. I've torn it all down, and am rebuilding. I am at the beginning of reassembly and have a question...


Transmission and crank are in place and case halves reassembled. When I move the shift lock from position to position it doesn't seem to be engaging gears at the right places. No locking up or grinding, all smooth, but it doesn't look correct.


In photo 1 - It is in 1st

In photo 2 - It is in neutral and freewheels

In photo 3 - It is in 2nd (and I think that detant is supposed to be neutral?)

In photo 4 - It is in 3rd

In photo 5 - It is in 4th but only if I hold pressure up on the shift lever. If I let it spring down naturally it freewheels again.


I am pretty certain I have something wrong but am uncertain what to do if I take the cases apart again. I would assume that the shift lock is  supposed to engage in the valleys and not the peaks? and that the higher, more shallow valley is supposed to be the neutral position between 1st and 2nd? Is there a chance I have the shift rings in the wrong position? The service manual isn't very specific on this item.


Thanks for any help.









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Hey - Duh!


I had the shift lock installed 180 degrees off. Sorry for the moronic question. Thank god I didn't damage anything. For anyone else looking for info on the same... the shift lock has 2 dogs in the back and is not symmetrical.. the manual does mention this. Sorry!


It's shifting correctly now.

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Glad you figured it out. Hopefully your post will someone else headache in the future

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