Torque spec needed

Anyone have the torque spec for the front fender mounting bolts ? Thanks

Just snug them up and they will be fine, thats not really a critical fastener

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Yeah there's no torque spec for that. That'd be like asking for the torque spec for the radiator shrouds. You just tighten them snug. Use common sense when tightening stuff down like that and you'll be fine!

If you're worried put a little low strength thread locker ("blue" loctite) on them.

Thanks for the replies. Do you guys use blue loctite on most of the fasteners?

On a motorcycle if it spins or subject to vibration in general most things get loctited or nyloc'd.


I use a general torque chart for those fasteners that aren't specified.For example,a 6m grade 1 or 2 trim bolt would be about 6 ft-lb or 72 in-lb or so.Basically full hand pressure using a nut driver or screwdriver handle of average hand strength will get you pretty close or a couple of fingers on a 1/4' drive ratchet.

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