650r having bog and dieing issues

I just bought a 650r. It is in great shape. The previous owner uncorked it and plated it. after some testing when I got home,and changed the oil and cleaned the jets. the bike is bogging and dieing. some times at idle some times mid rev. seams like it dies when engine breaking. The old air filter had crumbled and some did get sucked in. I cleaned the box and replaced the filter first thing. could some of filter material be clogging a port in the carb? where would I start looking?

I also thought perhaps the fuel screw could need adjusting. or a line was pinched. Any ideas?

When I bought mine last year the AF was decomposed also, I don't think much if any went thru though. The main problem was it sat with fuel and all the rubber parts were shot, including the petcock. I'd go over the carb/ fuel system again, clean and replace everything suspect, including the fuel line. BTW: What jets are in the bike now?

175 main 68 pilot. petcock flows good. the inside of the carb bowl looked shining new.

Jets sound correct. I'd go thru the carb again, double check all passages and the float level. A bad petcock usually won't shut off as the washer decomposes and loses its seal.


 Only time mine randomly died on me was due to the coil ground wire under the tank was pulled after upsizing to a 4.3 Gallon.

yeah. I I'll have to do thorough check on everything. Its a shame. she looks so pretty and practically new to be having issues.I'll update once I do all the checks.  

Alright after going through the carb completely and cleaning everything. The beast is alive and running well

Good to hear. Sometimes it's just that one passage that will get you. Mine sat for a few months during a rebuild and it would act flat at high rpms. Everything was drained and cleaned prior so I didn't clean it when I put it back together. Turned out to be a big mistake. Cleaned everything and ran like a champ

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