CRF450R Dog-Bone Race removal


  I am replacing my bearings and races in my 2005 CRF450r linkage and I am having a problem with getting the races out on the dog bone, they just won't budge. I have read that you can push them out the "long" way, haven't tried it yet. I have tried heating the dogbone up a bit, used PB blaster even though the races and bearings were not all that bad, rusty, etc. I tried a small press to see if the races would press in a bit to break them loose and no go.

   Anyone with any advice on this?




Do they really need replacing?

Mate they won't go through from one side to the other!!! I managed to do it with a British 20p coin, grind one of the points off until it will fit through the id of the bearing, you will be left with 4 points of contact to push the bearing out from the inside out. Be gentle as the coin is very malleable metal and will buckle if stressed to high!!! Pm me if you're still battling!

You can also get a 20mm blind bearing puller and use it as a puller or use it with a press.

It fits inside the race, you tighten to expand it, and then donthe work.

Works good and also make sure to heat the arm before trying any of the above as it will relax the alum and make things easier

I find a socket that fits inside the doggone and against the race. Get a socket larger than the race and clamp them in a vice. Tighten the vice and the smaller socket will push the race into the larger socket. Do the same to install new ones.

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Yeah Dadee that was what I did but you still need the 20p otherwise the socket just goes straight through, once you've pushed the first bearing your 20p special tool can be chucked. I think Ds1434 is probably the most correct but I didn't have a blind bearing puller. Bushmechanics 101 was all that I had available

I guess I'm confused on what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

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