DRC Motard and regular wide footpeg height difference?

Hello, I currently have a 2014 DR-Z400SM and was wanting to get some wider foot pegs but in being a taller rider (I'm 6'1") I couldn't decide on the above mentioned foot pegs.

I like that the Motard versions have sliders and understand the slightly higher positioning to drag less in general. How much higher are they than stock/regular DRC wide footpegs and in regards to stock is DRC meaning stock pegs with or without the rubbers?

I'm just over 6'2", and switched to the motard versions as I got tired of dragging the boots at the track. Haven't touched since I made the switch.


Just from some rough measurements from mine in the garage, the platform is about 1" above the mounting hole.

I have the DRC Motard pegs and I like them a lot. I have never scraped a peg, but just wanted a better peg than stock. The height increase in minimal. I never measured to find out the difference, but it isn't a lot. Definitely less than half an inch, so I don't see it being an issue. I also don't know if there measurement is including the rubber. They are a much nicer peg than the stock pegs though. Everyone that sees them on my bike wants them.

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Ya. I couldn't stand the 1980s stock pegs. The added height really isn't much to brag about, it's not that much higher then most pegs. I didn't even feel the need to adjust my shifter, although I did feel a slight difference in position after putting the drc pegs on, but It feels great. The right peg was a bit harder to install. It was tight to line up the holes but I just wacked it with something to get it lined up. I think the coating was a lil thick possibly causing it to be tighter fit.

I'm a happy customer and Ide buy again.

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They are much better than stock but they are the same height or at least I can't tell the difference.

Well thank you all for the quick responses! That was actually my first post but have been reading up on here for awhile!

From all the positive responses I went ahead and put in an order on Wheeling cycle supply and am definitely excited to put them on ASAP!!!

I can't believe all the posts that say they are the same height as factory? You can look at them and see a difference. The difference was definitely noticeable, as I stoped dragging my toe sliders / pegs in the corners.

Possibly different height versions. I got mine from wheeling. It's been awhile since I installed mine but if memory serves me the DRC SM pegs were within 5mm height of the oem pegs.


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I got them last winter and only noticed a slight raise in height but even with my MX boots on they aren't uncomfortable. I like them alot better than the stock ones. My feet feel more comfortable on the wider peg and the rubber from the stock ones would bother me on longish rides.

OK got these pegs installed and definitely love the wider feel of them when standing!!

One other question though...I did the mod of cutting the bottom bit off the bolt of rear master cylinder to lower the rear pedal. But noticed before I even lower it to where the uncut bolt would've interfered the brake pedal is bottoming out by it contacting the front edge of the peg, is this normal?

Can upload a pic of the contact tomorrow.

Can upload a pic of the contact tomorrow.


A picture would help. I don't have any clearance issues with mine.

+1 please upload a pic. I'm considering these for my wife's DRZs just because she has a hard time angling her foot to cover the rear brake, so a lower rear brake and higher peg is the solution.

So here are some pics of what I'm talking about. Now I did low side months and months back on that side so perhaps it's possible the rear brake lever got pryed out a little? (Also can try and get some more pics from the side for show of height between peg and brake. But it definitely helps some as before if you lower it to the same effective difference in height the brake becomes less effective with these pegs having a little higher position)





Mine was the exact same.  I just filed a tiny bit of material off the brake lever.  

Hmm.. Must be the way mine is adjusted. Went out and looked at mine, and I can put my weight into the lever and it gets close, but doesn't touch.

Interesting I think you are right on the position impacting where it stops. As it is now I can just barely lock up the rear but I think filing a tad would let me retain the lower pedal position so I may try that.

Sbmon, I don't suppose you happen to have a pic of your pedal clearance job?

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