Bearings , is there any difference between manufacturer's ?

Hi guys. Re building a 1995 yz250 and am wondering if there is really a difference between Tusk, MSR and or Pivot Works bearings . Wheel, suspension and engine or are they all on the same playing field as far as quality.. 

there is only a few bearing manufacturers so chances are a few off your list are re badged.

Japanese or USA only, do not get the chinese crap for engine. other portions of the bike are ok, but not optimal. 

I'd agree with the above, stay with brand name bearings such as Koyo, Timken, NSK, INA, SKF and so on. Bearings from "Pivot Works" or "Hot Rods" etc are of unknown, possibly Chinese origin, and should be kept away from your bike, unless the actual bearings in the kit are marked with a proper brand name. Sometimes they are, and sometimes not...ask the supplier/seller.


A lot of the engine bearings are very hard to find replacements for the OEM part, (special designs regarding dimensions, locating pins/grooves or the number of rolling elements and so on) but chassis bearings are oftentimes standard units. With a little research you can find these from any of the major manufacturers.



Hot rod uses koyo so does pivot so far I remember. 

For link and chassis bearings I've bought both Pivot Works and Bearing Connection brands. I've found the seals seem to be better with BC. But recently PW are offering some kind of warranty so maybe they've lifted their game.

For wheels I'd use anything, since I think wheel bearing life has a lot more to do with how often you remove your axles and clean and dry under the dust caps and apply a new lick of grease over the seal lips.

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Thank you all for your help , been out of the Yamaha dirt world for awhile.. !st yammie was a 1973 CT 175 , Preston Petty fenders put on it and rode it in Hare Scrambles in SE Kansas and all over the Joplin Mo. area... Picked this bike up from a friend of a friend at work .. Want to race another Hare Scramble in the 55 an over class ..

   So i will be needing more help and may even ask a few dumb questions. Advance warning .

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