Everyone in Colorado read this.

I think we should all get together sometime in the very near future, oh I dont know, say Saturday, we should go ride together, if you dont mind me holding all you pros back a little. Dougie was talking about this saturday, and I really think we should get out and ride.

Sorry Marty,

I'm headed for Moab this weekend. Bryan, KerryT and I were talking about a camping trip to ride the Rainbow Trail soemtime soon. You can camp near Coaldale or Westcliff and ride north one day then south the next. Would you be up for that?

Count me in on future events, Thx.



Yeah, Jake is going to Moab this weekend. :)

Looks like we are fellow "north-siders." We will have to do some riding up here sometime this summer. Can't this weekend, though: gotta go do something with my brother-in-law. :D :D



Sorry cant really make an out of state, camping type trop right now, trying to buy a house and what not so I really cant afford to leave. But maybe some other time. But Ill keep you posted on future events, but I really wouldent call them events, I just want people to ride with none of my friends have bikes and Im not real happy about riding alone. But maybe next time.


Yeah we should get together some time to ride, just say when, most likely Ill be up for it, so your a "north-sider" where are you?


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