Honda CR water pump cover replacement part

I recently purchased from Russell Brown a reproduction water pump cover for my 1983 Honda CR250. 

It fits like a glove and it solved my former problem of using a 1981 CR 250 water pump cover for replacement. 

I have no connection to Russell Brown other than being a buyer. 

He is located in Australia, I used paypal, it was shipped and I received the new cover with 2 weeks. The cost at the time I bought mine was $470 Australian, postpaid. 

This is his email: 

His web site: 

Have a 1984 CR250 with a corroded clutch cover? Russell makes one. 

Have a CR125 with an impossible to get water pump cover? Russell makes those. 


So if you have one of those 1980's CR250/125 and the water pump cover is corroded, Russell is THE MAN!!!

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