Bleeding Rear Brakes [Help!]

Hey Guys!


I received my new HEL Stainless Brake lines and am in the process of installing them.  I have the front installed and bled.  Everything went smooth!


However the rear is giving me trouble.


I have the new line installed, new crush washers, there are no visible leaks.  I cannot get them to bleed!  I used a syringe to push fluid from the bleeder to the master.  I cannot get any pressure on the foot pedal.  I tried putting the rear end up 3 stairs to try and get the caliper higher, still cannot get it.


Any tips, trick or advice that you can offer would greatly be appreciated! 

Bleed it again, and ride it (you will get the pedal once you get going)

Yeah back took a while... Take it for a short spin and work the rear brake the.n bleed again...

Thanks for the advice! Just started it up and ran it for a bit! She bled no problem after that!

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