Silencer Packing

If the packing in your silencer has gone to toast and more cruddy and blacker than ME  will it cause your bike to run abnormally and even not idle?


My bike usually idles fine but I'm not sure what is causing it to stall now.  It will idle for about a minute, then you can hear the motor slowly bog and completely shut down unless you give it some gas.  I'm not sure if it's the jetting and the warm weather now playing a part in it or perhaps bad gas from sitting around for too long.... or maybe just needs a carb cleaning because it's gummed up.  Anyway, I'm trying to eliminate silence packing as perhaps the culprit in this, so I ask, if the packing is in bad enough shape, will it cause the bike to run oddly?  I took a look at it and it's in pretty bad shape.


BTW it's a Honda CR125 'Super Special Edition' that has an FMF Fatty Pipe & Shorty Silencer.  Oh  yeah!   :ride:

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Cleared up confusion - Lets hope it does not happen again.

Why dont you replace it and find out for yourself?

cost's about 20  to 30 to change it, and it will not hurt.


if it is still not running right after the re pack look at jetting, air leaks and compression.

You can get FMF packing for under 10 bucks if you look around

BTW it's a Honda CR125 'Super Special Edition' that has an FMF Fatty Pipe & Shorty Silencer. Oh yeah! :ride:

Super special carbon fiber frame too?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430613538.989074.jpg

If you are questioning the silencer packing then it probably time it needs replaced anyway.  It cost $15 to do it and by the sound of it its probably time regardless.

Your issue is most likely something else but replacing the packing is a cheap place to start.

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