Raising fork tubes?

Anyone tried raising the fork tubes a few mm's to make the front end track a little straighter? I've never tried it on any bike but with the amount that the front end of my 600r goes side to side at high speeds, esp. in the sand, is a little disconcerting.

Thanx for any insight

I raised the tubes on my XR650R 10mm to make it turn quicker in the woods. The result was that it became more unstable at high speeds. So I dropped them back to stock and use more muscle in the woods.

I would suggest looking at a steering damper to calm your front end.

Big-D, 10mm is a HUGE raise for the fork tubes. It only takes a few mm(2-4) to make a big difference in the handling. you might try a smaller number and see how you like that.

miguelitro, You could look into a fork brace. I have one from Summers Racing Components and it makes a world of difference in sand and whoops. Also, it's alot cheaper than a steering damper. Click here for pic.

I have a Scotts steering dampener and a SuperBrace fork brace. They both do two different things. One stops the forks from twisting and the other dampens the hits. I have a bad wrist and the dampener is the biggest help. I lowered my fork tubes to gain more control through the whoops at high speed. I made then flush with the top triple clamp. Yes, it does make it easier to wash out the front end on the slippery hard pack on hard fast turns and wants to push in the burms at the track.

I have about 1/3rd an inch of the forks above the clamps-and more importantly i have the rear axle as forward as possible. Steering dampner at about 1/2 strength.

The bike handles very well, and wont shake at speed.

This is a very timely topic! I had sent my suspension to Race Tech and they had it for about a month. When I was putting the forks back on I didn't remember how high the fork tubes were. I should have marked it. Anyway, I set the tubes right at the line that the fork cap makes where it screws on and was really having issues with turning. Bad issues! I checked ThumpDaddy's 650 and saw that his forks were about 5mm's up. Made the change and we be happy one time! Amazing what a difference it can make.

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