06 WR450 oil leak

Hi all!


Im looking for some help on a leak that has has recently started on the right side of the cylinder head.  There is a bit of oil oozing out of the little weep hole on the right side of the cylinder head.  I have gone on 2 rides recently that is when i found the leak.  I just completed the first valve adjustment since i have had the bike ( going on about 7 years and have checked the adjustment twice in between prior seasons).  it is losing a rather small amount of oil, dropping maybe a mm or two on the dipstick but none the less i have never lost oil form there before.  I have just checked the breather hoses on the valve cover and neither were pinched off or otherwise restricted.  I did however find that one of the vent hoses on the carb got out of place and melted on the exhaust pipe.  It is the hose that comes out of a 90 degree elbow near the accelerator pump and goes over the top of the carb to the right side of the bike and down where all of the rest of the hoses are secured at the front of the swingarm.  Not sure if that one will affect anything going on in the head but i thought id include any detail that may or may not help find the cause of this issue.  


Any help is greatly appreciated, and if there is already a thread on a topic such as this point me in the direction.  

sounds like the cam cover gasket isn't seated properly around the spark plug, and oil is escaping out of the spark plug drain hole, when you refited the cover after you did your valve check


Take the cam cover off again and check for correct positioning the the rubber gasket

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Oh wow...that makes sense.  I had a bit of trouble getting the valve cover to seat the first time i re installed it and i had to remove it again and there was a part of the gasket that wasnt seated correctly.  sounds like i got it seated  "less poorly" (if that makes sense) than i did originally.  Ill check it out and go from there.  Thanks Guy!

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