canadian bikes broght to the usa

im thinking of geting a wr450 from th north american motorcycle brokers ltd. anyone got a bike from them or bought one from canada and got it street leagal. just wondering if ill have problems and if itll be worth it. looks like ill save alot from them even with shiping so any input or ideas would help. also i live in washington and laws may be different than other states.

They are great never had a problem great prices. I buy from them because there is no tax but if you are going to title it you will have to pay tax. it is possible to tittle in the states.

I bought one from BC Canada direct from a dealer. Had it shipped here in California. Went very smooth except for registration. I suggest that you thuroughly research your state's current restrictions and regulations about Canadian bikes. They keep closing loopholes as a deterent to buying out of the country.

Good luck. They are great machines!!!!

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