need info on generator for 07 yz450

i ordered a generator for my 2007 yz450 and was sent a generator for a 2009 yz450.   part numbers for the 07 are:  2s2-85560-00

part numbers for the 09 are:   2s2-85560-10.    will the 09 generator work on my 07?   if anyone has had any trials with it please let me know

The '07 stator plate mounts on three points.  '07's experienced electrical failures of the stator that Yamaha decided was the result of vibration which was caused by not enough mounting points, so they added a fourth.  Electrically, they're the same, and your case cover might even have the fourth mount hole drilled and tapped.  If it doesn't, don't worry about it, just bolt it up the way it was.

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