My new old 2001 Yamaha WR426F and it's problems

Hello All,


I haven't ridden a bike regularly since the early 80s but recently decided to get back on.  I found a nice clean 2001 WR426F that just needed some TLC.


I got it home and poured some gas in it and it leaked all over the place from the carb (which i figured was just dry from sitting) and a crack in the bottom of the tank.


I don't know of a good way to fix that so I just found a used tank for $70. If anyone knows a way to fix the old tank please let me know.

So i get my tank and it holds gas great. On the bike it goes and then I find this.


Ok, so somebody before me put a Baja Designs tank and seat on the bike and the original tank is not only smaller but shaped differently.

It's rideable but bothers me all the same.

The shocks were all messed up with one fork set all the way hard and the other soft. The rear shock set super hard too. Adjusted things for my heavy ( 210lbs ) old ( 45 ) butt. Next I'll tackle the wiring and get all that working.



BTW, the carb healed itself and the bikes starts on the first kick everytime. I ran it up and down the road and it seems very strong to me. If the speedo is right the bike hits 60 in a blink and keeping the front tire on the ground is a serious concern for a wobbly old guy who lost all his skill. Since then I've relegated myself to the yard with my riding buddy.


I also had to build a new license plate bracket. The old one ( I'm assuming a Baja Designs piece ) was broken. Cleaned up what was left of the original bracket


Found some pretty scrap metal from my trusty junk pile and fashioned a new bracket which I then over welded to make a new piece.



I'll bet that thing never breaks.


I really like the website. Been learning alot so I thought I would join and meet some fellow riders.

Congrats!  I still ride my 01 WR426 and it has proven to be super durable and reliable.  I've somewhere around 15k miles of singletrack on the bike and it still runs like the day I bought it.  (Better actually if you consider the way it was from the factory before the free mods.)

I recently picked up an '01 wr426 project myself- I just sent my head to Engine Dynamics for a rebuild, and the cylinder to US Chrome for re-lining and a new piston... I keep hearing that once they're sorted out, these wr426's are darn near as reliable as an xr600...



I have owned many Honda ATVs over the years and can atest to their reliability. That said, this Yamaha is the easiest kick start bike I've ever had. It always starts right up so long as you adhear to the procedure. I'm looking forward to finnishing the wiring harness and riding it as a daily for work. Maybe hit a few trails on the way home too.

Since no one else said anything about the tank. The tank you bought is for the YZ. It is smaller(2 gallons instead of 3) ,but should still have a decent range. If you get a YZ seat it will solve the seat tank issue. For most riders this is a better setup anyway.

You can plastic weld your old tank. I fixed mine with just a soldering iron and just swirled around the crack and bonded it back together. Still good after two years and 200 hours on the trails

Those damn tanks can be expensive

Yup YZ tank with WR seat.  You can have a YZ tank and YZ seat on a WR, but you must have both. Not sure which year YZ's go with a 2001 WR's.

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