Wrf450 stats ! 1/4mile 0-100 bragging rights :)

Want to know what I should be expecting for a 08ish stock wrf450

Can't find anything on the interweb

My wr450 tops out at 86-90. Idk gearing off top of my head.

They are very fast in the 1/8 mile due to the low relative power to weight and low gearing. My built WR450 outguns my Hayabusa from the dead stop. The Hayabusa generally tries to burn up the rear tire from a standing start due to the weight and high gearing.


A stocker in the quarter mile slows a bit. Stock 07 YZ450f, 15-40 gearing

13.39 1/4 et
2.043 60ft
7.746 1/8
92.98 mph

13.40 1/4 et
1.968 60ft
7.687 1/8
91.44 mph

About 14 seconds geared 14/48

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