92mph geared 15:47 with baffles and WR timing!

Scary. Outright scary.  :jawdrop: I'm dual purposing a recently acquired 2012 WR450F:

- airbox snorkel reinserted (just a little bit less throaty)

- replaced the "single-tube" muffler end cap with the "twin walled" euro-pea-shooter (the clean one in the pic)

- still running with sparkarrestor

- front and rear have fresh Bridgestone TW301/302

- still geared 14(?):47 from pre owner (sounds rather low rpmish, have to encounter the rev limiter yet  ;)  )

and it's pulling 92 mph with me in flying short sleeved shirt and Arai-VX with MX-beak. :eek:


I recall my venerable '98 400F doing 99mph w/ me flat on the tank, chin on bars and left hand behind back, with YZ timing and lots of patience!


I'm really looking forward to trying out the '06 YZ cam on order and putting it onto the dyno in various configuirations at a buddies workshop, :devil:

Seems these EFI bikes are really great in stock form.  Apparently the racing-kit muffler itself is the thing freeing up the engine, the "legal" end cap with the smaller diameter or the snorkel don't do much harm, power-wise.


The interesting part for me is that the bike feels extremely low geared, taking off in 1st in town feels abusive, 2nd has a nice pull from standstill.


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