Help! Starting Issues

OK heres the rundown i own a 2006 yz450, recently my fuel/air mix screw fell out while i was riding down the road, luckily i was able to find it undamaged and place in back in the carb, it took me a bout a week to get it tuned just right where the bike wouldn't stall or run too hot. So, after this fix it started on the first one or two kicks like it did before the screw fell out, i was riding my usual trails and the bike rode just like the day i got it. well i put the bike on a stand after the ride to let it cool and then washed it and parked it. Then a few days later i got sick and wasn't able to ride, but a few days ago i went to go for a ride and i could not at all get the thing started, and after a few kicks it backfired and i've been fiddling ever since, any suggestions what might be wrong? Plz help




If your fuel screw fell out, you may be missing parts.  In order, from the bottom, there should be the screw, a spring, a washer, and an O-ring.  The O-ring and washer can stick in place, and mat not have dropped free, but they may have.  The O-ring is critical.

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