2008 WR450 SSS Forks

I purchased some 2012 SSS YZ450 forks on eBay for my 2008 WR450. I noticed when I installed them that the top of the YZ forks is slightly smaller than the older WR forks and the top clamp doesn't even tighten down on them. What should I do? Should I purchase a YZ450 top clamp from the same era? Maybe a post-2012 WR450 top clamp? A whole new triple clamp? Any recommendations?



The ONLY SSS forks that are a direct swap are the 2007 YZ450/250, and you still need to mess with the wheel spacers, depending on speedo or not.


You will need triples and a brake caliper from a 2008+ YZ250/450, or have a sleeve machined.

The YZ uses a different caliper spacing, which you can mickey-mouse by making a new mount in the caliper....

You cannot use just the top clamp from a YZ, as the clamps have a different tube width from the WR.

You need  top and bottom, and to press on the WR steering stem.

or just transplant the frame-pin thing which holds the upper and lower end.

should be a easy fix, need a press and the old pin, and match them (no idea about sizes, but if you make that fit it should all be good)

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