2014 YZ450F - ever see this in the oil strainer?

Assuming the picture I uploaded is attached, these "stickers" were trapped in my oil strainer.


Bike is a new 2014 YZ450F with 7 hours on it.  I bought it brand new.  These were covering about 50% of the strainer.


The stickers must have come off an internal part like the clutch basket or something...does anyone have any idea where these might have come from???


Wow, that's kind of scary on a brand new bike.  Can you put it together a little better and maybe figure out the wording.  I think I see "loctite red" so it probably wasn't anything from an oil bottle.

I had a friend tell me that he has seen that sticker on Hinson clutch baskets.  I am planning to just pull the clutch cover to see if maybe the dealer (to remain nameless right now...) was pulling some shenanigans and something got swapped out, or something weird like that.


At least the strainer did its job...I e-mailed the pictures to the dealership, as well as a higher-up regional service manager that I know to get their thoughts, but have not heard back. 

Never seen any new Yamaha part with any such sticker as that on it.  The Hinson thing sounds completely plausible, though.  I'm going to cast doubt on the claim that it's "brand new".

Did anyone mention  - SAVE those sticker pieces!  You may need them for future claims.

Hey Greyracer -- yes, it is definitely a new bike, there is no doubting that, unless it is the biggest cover up ever...I pulled the clutch apart tonight, it is definitely all new stock components that show no wear at all. I am definitely perplexed, will keep probing people at Yamaha to try and get some feedback. Yes, I kept the stickers!

Well, I think I got to the bottom of this...it gets long so bear with me.


The bike that I bought came from the race shop in Cypress.  I knew that when I bought it, but didn't think too much of it.  It was a brand new, stock 2014 YZ450 in the crate.


Apparently they get an allotment of bikes that they set up and ship out to their top amateur riders.  Before they send them out, they might swap out certain parts for whatever reason.  However, this bike was never sent out to anyone, and because I wanted a new 2014 bike (mostly because you could buy them at a substantial discount) the dealer had to hunt around to find one.


When I took the clutch apart, the basket and inner hub were black billet, but had no markings on them of any sort, so I assumed they were OEM.  I talked to Yamaha about this, and apparently they get an allotment of clutch parts from Hinson without any markings of any kind and put them into their amateur race bikes, along with the stock pressure plate (which is how this was set up).    These parts were brand new, with no notching on the basket or anything.


So, it makes total sense that the stickers that I found in the strainer came off of the back of this clutch basket.  Obviously, they should have been removed.


Now we are back-tracking to see if this bike might have had a high-compression piston or different cams put into it at Yamaha, or anything else.  It is definitely a fast bike for supposedly being "stock."


This story sounds kind of weird, but that's what I was told and it seems to be confirmed by a couple different people at Yamaha, so I am going with it for now.


I'm just hoping that those stickers weren't affecting oil flow and the valvetrain was getting adequate lubrication.  We'll probably pull the head and look for any signs of abnormal wear at this point, just to be sure.



"Black billet" is definitely not stock.  Fits well with either Hinson or GYT-R (which IS Hinson, in this case), though. 


The sticker is not big enough to have restricted the oil flow, however.

Hi Grayracer513 --


Thanks for the reassurance that the oil flow was probably not inhibited.  I'm not knowledgeable or experienced enough to tear into one of these engines myself, but the bike hasn't overheated and has good oil pressure (checked at the check-bolt).  The crankcase breather is flowing air, and there are no error codes on the power tuner.  The oil and filter change (which led to finding this issue) was good, with no noticeable contamination in the oil (i.e., metal shavings/particles).


Some of those things I listed above may have nothing to do with the issue, but all I am trying to say is that I checked the main things that I can control and understand and everything seems to be working fine.  Thanks for your feedback, I will post any new info that arises.




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