Rear Shock Spring

I'm looking for a 5.4 spring for my 03 wr450. Anyone know a cheep source for a Eibach or similar? I remember reading somewhere, someone had a line on them for around $50. Is the installation pretty straight forward? Any special tools?

What is the size of the stocker? 5.0?

I went with the Race Tech spring, only $60 bucks at my local yamaha dealer. :)

I couldn't get much help from my dealer. They wanted me to look up the PN in the manual and then they would order it, estimated cost $150.00 USD.

I just bought a 5.4 Eibach spring for Kevins Cycle (kevins cycle) for $50.00 ish USD. Look at the discount items, they may have more. Good luck.


I just bought a 5.4 Eibach spring from Kevins Cycle for about $50.00. They may have more, checkout the discount area.

Good luck!

PS Sorry if this post shows up twice, I had trouble with the first one and I'm not sure that it showed up. :)

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