Choke plunger won't stay out

Okay guys I have this really annoying choke plunger that will never stay out unless I hold it out it's a 03 yz450 stock carb... How do I fix this?

You would need to order a new one

Pull the rubber back towards the knob from the peiece threaded into tge carb. Then put a zip tie around the little fingers that grab tge pluger shaft. Tgey just get weak after time and dont grab any more without some help lol

Okay thank you guys hopefully the zip tie idea will fix it if not I'll just order a new one.

The zip tie "fix" will defeat the sealing boot and create a path for dust or water to enter the carb.  :thumbsdn:

I read something about safety wire being better than a ziptie would this be a better option?

If you can get it to work, it might be, but either method should only be used as a stop-gap until a new part can be substituted. 

Lol ur too much of THOSE mechanics

Yeah he's one of those weird ones with a bike that doesn't blow up on him :D

Ye i only got 150 hours on mine with my choke like that and still runs like a top. I must be a lucky guy

The chances of dirt gettin in there are so slim the chances of me getting in an accident on my way home are higher... maybe i shouldnt drive home either lol

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