wr 450 Rear shock absorber adjustment in the standard 7/8 turn

Hello riders dirt! Rear shock absorber adjustment in the standard 7/8 turn fast compression damping ! I do not understand how to turn the damn bolt on 7/8! any thoughts?)

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Picture a compass with N,W,S and East in a counter clockwise rotation. That makes 4 points. Half way between say N and West at 45-degrees is a mark. Taking points half  way between each of the 4 N,W,S and East points now gives you 8 points. it will help you understand it if you draw it out on a piece of  paper.


Using a socket on a ratchet turn the high speed nut in (CW) until it lightly seats/ stops. Then rotate your ratchet around until the handle is straight  up in the north position. Now turn the nut out (CCW) until the handle is pointing on the 7th point (or the North-east position).


if you ride in the woods mostly like me, I set my 13 WR450 at 1turn out...which works well for me.

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