Seized engine...

Not sure what to do. I seized the motor because I neglected the oil level. It gently bogged down after 1 session with the bike at Sears Point (this is a motard).

The only thing I know is that the kick starter won't budge at all. And it felt like I was running out of gas when the bike crapped out.

Anyone had this happen also? Maybe that way I'll know what the problem is before hand, I doubt it, but maybe..

I realize it'll prolly require at the least a rebuild of the top end and new piston/rings. At most a rebuilt motor.

Which is making me consider buying a WR450F motor and putting that in it's place. Anyone know how much those are going for? Or if they can directly bolt in?



Usually this type of failure wont damage the transmission, still enough oil to lube those parts.

Crank/rod, and the whole top end without a second thought would need an overhaul.

it's probably cheaper than a new engine, unless you find a deal on ebay.

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