08 wr450f clutch noise

I went to look at a 08yz450f

On idle with the clutch out, it made a rattle as soon as you put tension on the clutch ( start pulling it in ) it goes away. Is it just somthing with the adjustment or is a big problem

= a lemon

Well they all make a different noise with the clutch out.

But a rattle ?

Not even riding the bike I noticed it when I had it on the stand



They all make a horrendous racket, especially when just barely warmed up, with the clutch engaged.

I have been told the clutch basket could slightly worn ?

Rattling with the clutch pulled in, is the plates against each other/basket, as they are in effect 'loose'  no problem this is normal

Rattling with the clutch engaged (but in neutral) is wear at the basket/primary driven gear interface. The gear is riveted to the basket. The manual says if it is loose replace basket , but in reality they are always loose after some use.


I wouldn't be too concerned unless is sounds like a bag of spanners being rattled

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Ok yeh

Guygraham it rattles with the clutch leaver out and sitting in neutral you can hear it just looking at the bike- can't tell if it is rattling when riding ofc

It won't rattle when riding because it will be under load from the engine with the throttle open, or under load from the rear wheel with the throttle closed


Many many different types / makes / models of bike suffer clutch basket rattle when idling in neutral

My SV1000 does it

My old RD350YPVS did it

My WR450 2008 does it


Don't worry about it

Hum every bike I own does it.

Oh thanks, guys &%$#@!en helped me out a lot! I just can't remember my yzf250 doing it.

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