Anyone screw up the JamesNow Mod?

I am about to try the JamesNow mod and wondered if anyone had any issues with their install. Always good to know how I could screw it up before I do.

Very simple mod.. Before you remove the carb bell mark horiziontaly where to make the cuts. The bolt holes in the bell are staggered and it would be easy to be off by about 20 degrees.

I sent you a PM grateful....

I tried twice to get mine squared away. The first time I used thin stainless steel. It was too flimsy and I let some ot the plate hang into the rubber boot. When I put it back together the rubber boot flexed and knocked the plate out of alignment. I then switched to a more rigid copper plate and cut it off square with the intake bell. I took my time and shaped it perfect with a dremel, then epoxied it in with some plastic weld epoxy. Its been 8 months and still works killer, plus it was simple..... :)

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