x-ring chain in mud

Those of you who have used the x-ring chains, do they hold up well in mud? I'm concerned that the mud will work past the seals and cause it to kink up.

Anyway got the new chain (DID erv2). To cut it to size I used an air cutter and it cut the chain like hot butter. It was much softer metal than I expected. Supposibly this is the best DID chain so we'll see how it holds up...

So far, so good for mine sir. About 15 hours on it and I've only had to tighten it one time, I used to have to tighten my works Renthal after every ride.

Yep.. All good with mine.. about 15 hrs avg. I'd guess, between adj. looks good, with about 45 or so hard hrs in the mud this fall. I just got a good look at it when I took my shock off. after cleaning, it looked new.

As for hardness, the gold is for surface strenght.

and you probably cut it with carbide. :)

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