scotts damper install

I just installed a scotts and now my speedo cable will not reach unless I run it in front of the fork instead of around. Also my light switch will not extend to my protaters,where do I put that? Thirdly I have terrible time getting my oil check cap on and off,because of the bracket.Has any one encountered this problem

I did not get the full blown kit with the protapers so i am not experiencing the speedo problem and i have long since discarded the lighting system. BUT I have the same troble with the oil dipstick. Mine will only go in if it is turned one exact way. I don't know if a bent it or just nicked the cap a little but in one spon it will just fall in and any other spot is almost impossible


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

Not sure why your having problems with your Odo cable or the light switch. I have the Scotts and Pro Tapers and everthing fits up fine. I do have a hard time getting my oil filler cap out but nothing else. Do you have the bar risers?

My friend had the bracket that attached to the oil fill hole on his YZ400F...on his new YZ250F he has the bracket that clamps around the steering stem bearing. This looks like a good set-up. I thought I saw this same set-up for the newer 400/426's. Does anyone know about this attachment method and if it is available for WR400/426F's?

Yes you can.. You can check out a photo of the WR426 application by clicking on damper photos and the going to the yamaha section. But first you must go to scotts Ride On

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