Lowedog is da man!

Look what I got in the mail today. Thanks Lowedog..

Billet oil cap and sprocket cover. :)




Yeah, I got my sprocket guard in the mail today too! Very nice. What you need now is the ignition case cover, flywheel nut access cover and timing cover. The entire left side of my bike is almost all billet thanks to Lowedog! :)

Got mine today. Thanks Lowedog!

Fits fine. Looks way cool!


Cool :):D Where did you get those from? How much? and are they still available? I musta missed something. I guess thats what I get for not staying on TT 24-7 :D

If this keeps up Lowedog is going to have to put up a price and sell it on the TT store! Start a small business and end up adding more great products for our WR's! There is a picture on a recent post that Lowedog posted of his cool billet front sprocket guard if you cant see the ones above that 5spoke linked. :)

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