How many links for 13/52?

I tried the search. Could not find answer.

How many chain links are required to run 13/52?

114 or 116

Bike is a 09 yz450f

Go with a 116 and worst thing that could happen is you chop off a few things links.

How far forward can you move the wheel with a good chain and the gearing you have now?  What's your current gearing?

Was running 13 52. Chain and sprockets were trashed and already put new sprockets on. I couldn't remember if I had to start with 116 and took 2 links out during life of old chain or started with 114.

This is what 116 links on fresh 13/52 works out to at 2.0 inches tension.


That looks good to me.  At 114, the axle would be 5/8" farther forward. 

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