2002 YZ 426 carb problems

Hi so I recently bought a 2002 yz 426 that had been sitting in a garage for two years. I went to clean out the carburetor and took it completely apart and now I can't find the inner gaskets to replace the old ones. Anyone know where to find them at?

Check out ebay sometimes you can get free shipping

JD Jetting used to offer full gasket kits. They may still provide them

If you separated the upper body from the lower by removing the four screws from inside the float bowl, contact JD Jetting.  As far as I know, they are the only source for that gasket.

Ive looked everywhere on the internet and can't seem to find a mid body gasket set that fits the 2002 yz 426. Anyone have any or know of where to find the set?

Is it badly damaged?

I have reused them before without problem

If it just seems squished but not ripped or stretched

Contact JD Jetting.  They were the only source I've ever been aware of.

I believe ebay user store "KEIHIN-FCR" has these gaskets as well. You can try searching for them online.

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